Friday, September 15, 2017

Pictures from the AQS Fall Paducah Quilt Show...

It was a quick trip to the AQS Fall Paducah Quilt Show in Kentucky, but my first time to visit Paducah.

I was blown away by the number of quilts on display, in multiple buildings, both contest and exhibition.  What I saw and could take pictures of was merely a drop in the proverbial quilt bucket.  I currently have a bit of a gimpy foot, so my viewing was limited. Next time I need to stay more than one night!

I managed to get pictures of 40 quilts to share.  

One of the most impressive quilts was one I couldn't get anywhere near for even one picture..."Hawaiian Improv," by Cheryl See.  It won in the large quilts, hand quilted category.  (She also won a first prize in a second category.)  

Beautiful hand quilting!  It was one of the first place category winners which is involved in the voting for the super huge money prizes tonight.  You can see it on the AQS Fall Paducah web site. 

The maker was giving detailed tours of her quilt to small groups the whole time I was there.  The details were amazing, and voting for the best first place quilt was still going on...

Risking your fatigue, here is one more picture of my 2nd place, hand appliqued and hand quilted, 58 x 58 inch entry, live and in person.  

Enjoy my tiny version of this huge quilt show!  

(I followed the photo rules by displaying the names of the quiltmakers and not benefiting monetarily from them.  If you share these pictures, please do the same.)

The following quilt won first place in my category.

44 x 44 inches, packed with beautiful movable machine quilting." 

The following quilt won third place in my category...loved the colors.

59 x 59 inches, stationary machine quilting.

60 x 60 inches, stationary machine quilted by Robin Hrabik (don't you think the quilter's name should be on the label if it is not the maker??  I know some shows don't accept quilts where the maker "pays" the quilter, so they are somewhat collaborators and they work it amongst themselves).

58 x 73, stationary machine quilting.

49 x 49 inches, movable machine quilted by Chong Kropik.

50 x 50 label picture was blurry...made by Sara DeTombe and Jennifer Rossi, Huntington, TN (I assume the second name is the stationary machine quilter).

Great name, beautiful bright colors...makes my Bride quilt look dull...62 x 87 inches and HAND QUILTED!

Darn, another blurry label.  I was trying to dart in and take pictures before people wandered in frame...

"Common Bride Autumn Wedding" made by Melanie Jane Mitchell, Gross Pointe Farms, MI.  85 x 84 inches, movable machine quilted by Ruth McCormick.

I have a pattern for this...on my bucket list...

Another blurry label..."Michigan Lighthouses" by Phyllis Jacobs, Big Rapids, MI, 93 x 93.  It was first place in the large quilt, pictorial category.  Movable quilted by Pam Dubbles.

Another first place winner...Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchinson (movable machine quilter?), 74 x 74 inches.  I wish I could have gotten closer...half of the small diamonds were made up of teeny tiny diamonds.

78 X 79 inches, hand and stationary machine quilted.

82 x 82 inches, movable machine quilted.  Another first place winner.

78 x 78 inches, stationary machine quilted.

73 x 73 inches, "Tropical Punch," Ann Horton, Redwood Valley, CA, stationary machine quilted.

84 x 84 inches, Harumi Asada, Japan, HAND QUILTED!  Love the pieced trees in the corners...

99 x 99 inches, movable machine pieced.

86 x 86 inches, movable machine quilted.

91 x 91 inches, possibly movable machine quilted by Mary Christopher.

63 x 63 inches, HAND QUILTED! 

70 x 70 inches, movable machine quilted by Julia Rockwell.

77 x 86 inches, movable machine quilted by Heather Broehm.

87 x 101 inches, Marilyn Lidstrom Larson and Barb Simons (possible movable machine quilter), Willow City, ND.

104 x 104 inches, possibly HAND QUILTED by Marcia Zimmerman.

107 x 106 inches, Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick, Brookings, OR (possible movable machine quilter).

105 x 105 inches, Gloria Seibel, Millstadt, IL, movable machine quilted by Jacqulyn Mann and Jane Hair.

61 x 61 inches, movable machine quilted by Chong Kropik.

82 x 83 inches, movable machine quilted by Sylvia Smith.

70 x 70 inches, movable machine quilted.

60 x 69 inches, stationary machine quilted.  LOVE THIS!

I, too, bought this embroidery pattern from Crabapple Hill to hand applique instead of embroider.  Leslie beat me to it!  So Cool!

73 x 73 inches, movable machine quilted by Chong Kropik.

84 x 84 inches, Julee Prose, Otumwa, IA, beautifully HAND QUILTED!  

This might have been my favorite quilt.

Ola and Mary, does this next quilt look familiar??  (We kitted this block-of-the-month years ago when we worked at a shop.)

63 x 87 inches, possibly movable machine quilted by Irene Reising.

63 x 63 inches, stationary machine quilted.

88 x 115 inches, movable machine quilted.

48 x 57 inches, adorable, HAND QUILTED!  Very cute and whimsical!

69 x 69 inches, HAND QUILTED!

66 x 76 inches, HAND QUILTED!

48 x 60 inches, movable machine quilted.

37 x 37 inches, Cheryl L. See, Ashburn, VA, HAND QUILTED! 

41 x 51 inches, computer-aided quilted.

Well, that was fun!  Did any of you go to the show?  What were your impressions?

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)